Simply create your child's gift page, add curated gifts or custom activities, share with friends and family, and get what your child wants!

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The First Gift Registry for Kids.

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A Simple Solution To a Messy Problem

Receiving meaningful gifts for your child doesn't need to be a frustrating process.

Fynches makes finding, sharing, and receiving enriching gifts quick and easy.

Here's How It Works

✔️ Easy as 1-2-3 to Setup and Customize

✔️ Hand Curated Gifts and Experiences

✔️ Location Based Gift Recommendations

✔️ Perfect for Birthdays and All Occasions

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✔️ Eliminates Duplicate and Unneeded Gifts

✔️ Gift Ideas are Easily Shared and Purchased

✔️ Allows Guests To Give Experiences as Gifts 

✔️ Guests Can Contribute to Multiple Gifts

✔️Automatically Generate Gift Reports

✔️ Simple and Quick Gift Redemption

✔️ Easily Track Your Gifts Received

✔️Quickly Send Thank You’s To Guests

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Made By A Parent For Parents

Meet Reena, The Founder of Fynches, a mom who's on a mission to help make gifting for parents fun, easy, and a lot more meaningful.

"Like all moms, I want nothing more than for my daughter to be happy and to experience the world around her. But having family and friends gift activities or experiences for her birthday rather than another toy that I know would go unused was hard. This got me thinking...There must be a better way."

Are you parent? We need your feedback and support. Join Fynches private beta and help me make gifting easier and more meaningful for parents and kids.